Hello Citiscents!

You might be wondering who we are. So let us fill you a little bit.
Ever been to a place or been in a moment where when you breathed in the air you wish you could bottle the scent and take it back with you? 

We have, for way too many times. 

We still remember vividly the smell of freshly cut grass on a drizzly Sunday morning when we jogged in Hyde Park, London. We also still remember the mouth-watering sweet gourmand scent we detected once as we approached the Old Bridge Gelateria next to Vatican City. We can even explain the detail of the scent that we inhaled during the sunny days in the sand with the Pacific Coast wave splashing at us and the wind whispering a slightly aromatic scent from the cypress tree around. Btw, the last one is perfectly captured in the Pacific Coast Highway perfume. We are happy to have met an renowned International fragrance company where the perfumers and evaluators can perfectly formulate the scents we have captured along the way so we can share the joy with you.

People who are aware of the world and have a sense of their role in it. People who respect and value cultures, understand many different points of views while at the same time identify common bounds. People who always strive to progress in life and are committed to contribute to their community in a meaningful and positive way. People who know how to have fun and help sustain the wonder the world has to offer.

Citizens of The World

Can you imagine if we all become Citizens of The World? The world will become a much better place to live. 

We at Citizens of The World know that we are still a work in progress. But while we are at it, we want to create a brand, products and company that embody the characteristics of a true Citizen of The World and hopefully can inspire you along the way wherever you are in your journey.

Founded in 2021, during a pandemic, we realized what we craved the most are the sheer excitement of planning a new journey, visiting new places, meeting new people, witnessing their cultures and coming back with a stronger sense of the world, humbled by the experiences, motivated to work hard so we can travel again soon. Whenever we were back from traveling, our soul was enriched, our outlook widened, and our perspective shifted. We are not the same people we were when we left home. It changes us for the better. And we acquired so many stories and experiences during the journey which we hope to translate through all of our products and contents. 

We are starting with a product category that is strongly associated with being a well-traveled Citizens of The World: Fragrance.

Yes, fragrance. As written above, for us scent is such a powerful sense, it has the ability to help us recall specific memories, especially related to place and moment. It’s something that is very personal for all of us. 

So go ahead, spray on, narrate your own story and conquer the world!

Be a Citiscent!

Spray on, narrate your own story and conquer the world!